Dr Brenden
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In Others' Words.

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Dr. Brenden is a modern pioneer in global post secondary education.
— John Mason, CEO of ACS Distance & Education

He was an inspiration to me when I was studying for my Bachelor and Master’s of Science degrees
— David Haberland, Global Relationship Leader at Zurich

The philosophy behind these programmes is that everybody deserves the best education they can have and Dr. Brenden is making this dream possible.
— Elena Soriano-Munoz

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Dr Brenden supported me by calling me from the UK twice a day. I really appreciated that.
— Dr Mirza Mirza, Director of HMH Consultancy

His passion for education is contagious.
— Vincent Harper of Metronet Supporting Greenwood

I highly recommend Dr. Tempest-Mogg for his integrity and visionary leadership.
— David Hopkins, Financial Planner at Ernst And Young