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If you are a successful business person, or professional, and you have prior learning (RPL), career achievements, knowledge and skills, you may wish to have your 'competencies DNA'  formally assessed towards a recognised 'competency-based' graduate degree. 

Dr Brenden and his team will review your 'competencies portfolio' using the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) 8 levels criteria. Dr Brenden will make recommendations as to what graduate qualification you may be entitled to depending on your 'competencies portfolio'. Candidates are assessed individually to ensure they meet the required criteria of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). English is not required, as documents and assessment can be provided in any language. The assessment process is simple, effective, and affordable. Challenge Dr Brenden to achieve your goals.

 Another happy PhD graduate

Another happy PhD graduate


5 Simple Steps

1). Submit an email stating your goals and aspirations.
2). Submit a full CV/Resume and profile.
3). Dr Brenden and his associates will assess your 'competencies portfolio'.
4). Dr Brenden will advise you on the best options to meet your specific needs.
5). Gain your recognised achievements (MA, MBA, DBA, PhD).

 The Mayor of Parkes (NSW, Australia) 

The Mayor of Parkes (NSW, Australia) 



Many people have not completed a qualification due to circumstances beyond their control. They often wish that they had obtained their Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate degree. Now there is an option where they do not have to 'go back to college or university'. They can 'TOP-UP' by distance/online study by taking courses or research projects where they acquire additional credits to complete a degree. Previous research and 'competencies' may be taken into consideration for credits. This is a self-paced learning method that is tailored-made to fit individual needs. For advice please Speak to us about distance learning opportunities

BE recognised for your 'CoMPETENCIES'

There is always something that is holding us back. Too often people fail to see their potential. They look beyond themselves. Russell Conwell, the founder of Temple University, in his famous book ‘Acres of Diamonds’ stresses ‘true wealth is in your own backyard”. Look at your competencies and revolutionize your life. It is never too late to move forward with what you have at hand and can build on. Every week I receive emails from people asking about having their ‘competencies’ formally assessed. It is amazing how many achievements they have that can be recognized for an academic qualification. (Dr Brenden). If you need advice about the ‘diamonds’ you have at hand please Contact us.



Take a challenge TEST

Sometimes, you may have the ability and the knowledge, but you do not have any way of proving this through documentary evidence. If your skill or ability can be demonstrated, we could create a challenge test for you.  A challenge test will review all the competencies needed for a certain credit (or qualification), and if you can perform well on the test, you will be assigned the necessary credits. Alternatively, if we feel that your skills need enhancement before the credits can be awarded, we can offer the appropriate top-up courses and these may be taken ONLINE or by face-to-face mentoring.


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