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A Top Online Institution for Successful Individuals : Warnborough

A Top Online Institution with Online Options

Warnborough is a top online institution. Over the last ten years more and more universities are offering qualifications online. Distance Learning was ‘laughed at’ twenty years ago by established universities that ‘it would never take off’. These institutions were lacking in vision despite the fact that correspondence courses have been offered since late Victorian times, enabling students from around the world to gain a recognized qualification. Even Australia had its ‘Radio Classroom’ for those students living in the ‘outback’ . Learning at a distance is not new. What is new are the tools that enable students to become online learners. Notebooks, tablets, mobile phones provide learning ‘on demand’ at any time & from anywhere.

20 Years of Online Success

Warnborough started its online learning program in 1997, and since then it has grown rapidly offering short courses for a certificate or diploma to offering full degree programs at the undergraduate & graduate levels. The Warnborough Graduate Research Centre in Dublin is highly competitive & scholars work with a personal mentor for research supervision. Communication is arranged by mutual convenience & assignments/projects agreed that meet the interest of the researcher. There are twelve intakes per year. Matriculation is the 1st of each month. Researchers are mostly mature adults, busy professionals looking to upgrade their skills & status through recognized prior learn (RPL) & advanced placement (AP). Warnborough accepts ‘Recognized Prior Learning (RPL)’ for advanced placement into the program. This lowers fees so they are affordable and there are payment plans and scholarships.

The One-to-One Model for Your Success

Warnborough as a top online institution prides itself on the academic quality of its programs, its mentoring system based on the University of Oxford model of one-to-one, & the recognition received for its qualifications by universities, industry, commerce and the professions. Please look at: www.warnborough.edu

By Dr Ray Morland (Educator & Quality Assurance Assessor)